Time to win a Swarovski Watch!

May is the month to celebrate our parent company – and the sparkle it adds to the world in so many ways!
Very much like our Hosts who share the beauty and sparkle of Touchstone Crystal with family and friends. To thank you for hosting a $600+ TCS party in May – you will be automatically entered for a chance to win an exquisite Swarovski Crystalline Hours Watch, valued at $349. 14 winners in all – check out our Facebook page for a complete winners list by the first week of June. 

See all Rules and Conditions.

Fun, Friends & Free Jewels

You invite your friends; we do the rest. When you host a party, both you and your guests will receive sparkling discounts and amazing rewards.

We love to indulge our Hosts.
Not only is being a Host a great excuse to connect with friends, but our average Host receives nearly $200 in free jewels, plus more items at 50% to 70% off.


Party Sales

Yours to Spend in Jewels

Half-Price Savings
$1,000+ $300+ 
4 items
$600-$999 $150-$249.75 
3 items
$500-$599 $125-$149.75 3 items
$300-$499 $60-$99.80 2 items
$150-$299 $15-$29.90 1 item

Woman wearing aqua jewelry in her home
Host Benefits
•  Up to 30% of sales in FREE jewelry 
•  As many as 4 jewels at half-price 
•  70% off when your friends host*
•  Extra $100 Host Dollars for $19 with a $600 party
Guest Special
Guests can take 30% off any item when they spend $100 or more.
Bracelets grouped together
2 women taking a selfie with their jewelry outside
Bling For a Friend
Choose any item at 70% off when your friends host a party too! 

*Minimum $300 party required 90 days from original booking
Join Us
•  Share sparkle with others
•  Earn a great part-time or full-time income
•  Live life on your terms and
•  Turn your work into a Party
Woman working on laptop
Necklaces and bracelets in purples and navy
Add color and sparkle to your every day with our amazing line of beautiful jewelry created exclusively with genuine Swarovski crystals

Host FAQs

How many guests should I invite?
The more the merrier (and the more free jewels for you!) We recommend inviting at least 40 people to your party (family, friends, neighbors, co-workers, Facebook friends, contacts through kids, etc.). And encourage everyone to bring a friend.
What is the best way to invite guests?
A personal invitation is best. Your Consultant will create a beautiful invitation you can share via email, text or a personal Facebook message. Simply forward the invitation with a personal message and encourage guests to RSVP on the invitation so you can track your guest list. Carry catalogs and postcards with you everywhere so you can invite on the go. It’s simple and easy!

Follow up with a phone call or text reminder a couple days before to ensure great attendance.
What if my guests can’t make it?
When a friend RSVPs that they can’t attend through your party invitation, they will automatically be invited to shop online for your party.
When is payment due and what methods of payment are accepted?
Orders are paid for when collected at the gathering, or out and about, with cash, checks made out to your Consultant, or with MasterCard, Visa, AMEX and Discover.
How much tax is charged?
Taxes are determined based on where the orders are being shipped.
How long until we get our jewels?
Once the Host order is processed and all orders have been entered, it usually takes just 5-7 business days for jewels to arrive... and smiles to widen.